This week was very busy catering a wake for a neighbor's mother and a bridal shower two days later....Both were beautiful events and celebrated life's most meaningful moments with friends and family.  Dinner for us was leftover chicken salad.  I get a lot of compliments on my chicken salad because it is so fresh tasting.  A couple of secrets...go easy on the mayo!  Use half mayo and half greek yogurt for a tangy taste.  Secondly, while those in the south may insist that a proper ladies chicken salad is all white meat, a good cook knows the flavor is in the dark meat.  Use a food processor to grind the dark meat up finely and cube your white meat.  The chicken goes further and it's tastier to boot!  Lastly, add chunks of crisp celery, seedless red or black grapes (nice color contrast!) and some pecans for more crunch!  Serve on a toasted croissant roll...mmm!
It was a lot of fun to imagine what I would serve at a "Great Gatsby" soiree...I had the perfect venue, I just needed to create an inspired menu.  Click on this link to see my recipes for Oysters Rockefeller, Pigs in Puff Pastry (bewitched a golden brown!), a Salad of Harlequin Design, Lemon Cakes for Daisy and a Gin Rickey.
The May issue features an easy frittata recipe for "breakfast in bed"!  Make it for your mom, or make it for yourself!  The secret is spinach balls and fire-roasted tomatoes!